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Benefits / Perks for being an Airline Crew ( Cabin Crew and Pilots )

So what are the perks of being an Airline Crew ? Again this is one of the top 10 questions that I am often being asked. Different airline have different perks and benefits but I am going to stick to Emirates since I was flying with them to give you all a general idea.

Do we have time to explore a particular country during nightstops and do sightseeing? The answer is yes. It depends on the frequency of the flight to that particular destination and whether it is short, medium or long haul. For short haul ( 5 hours and below) , we normally do the flight as a turnaround flight which means there are no nightstop as you fly there and return to base on the same day. For medium haul flights ( 9 hours and below) ,we get to stay in that country for between 24 hours up till 100 hours. If we have daily flights, which means we fly to that country every single day, the stay is normally 24 hours, for example, you arrive 8am today and leave at 8am the following day.

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Etihad Airways - First Officer Boeing 777 - Rated and Non-Rated

Pilot - Job requirement

- A minimum of 2500 hours total flying time.
- A minimum of 1000 hours on multi crew glass cockpit JET aircraft over 60 tons of which 500 hours must be on either the B737NG, B767/757 or B747-400
- ICAO current and unrestricted ATPL. We do not accept Frozen ATPL or CPL/IR unless held by a UAE citizen.
- Current on either the B737NG, B767/757 or B747-400. Requirement of at least 10 flown sectors on type within the last 6 months
  - English Language Fluency ( written and verbal
- Unrestricted, current Class 1 medical.
- Maximum age limit is 53 years old. 
Starting salary of AED 25990 or US$ 7072 per month for First officers and an annual salary increment of AED 500 per month.
 Flight duty allowance of AED 40 per flying hour
 Housing allowance up to AED 160000 per year
42 Days annual leave
Education allowance of AED 30000 for primary and AED 42000 for secondary up to 4 children from the ages of 4 up to 19 years old  


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