Thursday, 27 June 2013

Flight Training [ Pilot Training ]

Flight Training, involves more than learning the mechanical manipulation of an Aircraft's Flight Control. Physical or Mechanical Pilot's skill alone is not enough. Operational knowledge and understanding of the associated elements are particularly essential in Flying, where safety is the most important factor.

The more the Pilot understands the Theory of Flight also knone as Principles of Flying, how to apply those principles in performing maneuvers, and how the maneuvers relate to pertinent Pilot operations, the more competent that person will a good and Safe Pilot. Ground instruction ( whether in a formal or informal classroom ) and Pre Flight Training go hand in hand. Each complements the other and results in a training program which is more meaningful and comprehensive.

The Primary purpose of all Flight Training is to develop Safe, Proficient Pilots, the Flight Instructor expects from the student total cooperation and maximum effort towards these objectives.

As per any Aviation Regulator  the requirements which must be met before a person is certified as any Pilot. These requirements include the applicant's Physical condition, Mental condition, Aeronautical experience, General knowledge, and clear communication skill.

Aviation Regulator also prescribe the areas of Aeronautical knowledge required for Pilot certification. Also prescribe the Pilot operations in which proficiency is required for various Pilot certificates or ratings. A Pilot operation is a group of Procedures and Maneuvers involving Skills and Knowledge necessary to Safely and Efficiently Function as a Pilot in Command of the Flight.

Flight Safety:

The most of the  Pre Flight Planning and careful compliance with ground safety rules will in no way compensate for a lackadaisical attitude toward safety in flight. Since safety in flight relates to a great many things, no attempt will be made to cover them all in this chapter. 

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